' Too many times we are asked to check ourselves at the door ... our passions, our culture, our identity. Here, you can be yourself. '

​- LatMath 2018

me bungee jumping off a bridge

Outside of mathematics,

I love to travel, draw, and spend time with friends and family. The first thing I do when going someplace new is look up the local food. Caffeine surrounds me when I am working on mathematics and most of the time I'm in my office.


From Coimbra to La Habana, life's too short to live without walking (and doing mathematics) with people from all places and backgrounds.

Click on a photo below to be transported!

dirty shoes worn by my mom working in the grape fields

classic car in La Habana, Cuba

inside of a church, with stained-glass windows

guitar used for fado music

traditional Chinese garden


In another life, I was a starving artist.

drawing of a fox holding an ash leaf

drawing of four elemental birds

drawing of spider-man


Above all, sharing traveling (and food) moments with loved ones is my passion.

photo of me and my wife

photo of my mom