Never Stop Learning.

I am interested in employing culturally sustaining pedagogy and research-based assessment methods as a professor and welcome all feedback on my teaching.

Fall 2021 Courses

Math 11 - Elementary Statistics

Math 102 - Introduction to Biostatistics

Math 191T - Mathematical Software and Programming

​For all course content, please refer to the Canvas website.

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Fall 2021 Student Consultation Hours

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Teaching Interests

Applied Statistical Methods, Linear Algebra, Data Science, Bioinformatics, Mathematical Biology, Open Education Resources (OER Authoring)

Previous Courses (Fresno State)

Mathematical Models with Technology (MATH 232)

A technology-assisted study of the mathematics used to model phenomena in statistics, natural science, and engineering.

Applied Linear Statistical Models (MATH 106)

Topics include simple linear regression, parameter inference, interval estimation, prediction, diagnostics and remedial measures, multiple linear regression, model selection and validation, generalized linear models, ridge regression, LASSO.

Mathematical Programming & Software (MATH 191T)

Introduction to usage in mathematics and statistics including computer algebra software, interpreted object-oriented high-level programming language, one programming language related to statistics, database management, optimization, and cloud computing.

Elementary Statistics (MATH 11)

Illustration of statistical concepts: elementary probability models, sampling, descriptive measures, confidence intervals, testing hypotheses, chi-square, nonparametric methods, regression.

Exploring Statistics (MATH 137)

Descriptive and inferential statistics with a focus on applications to mathematics education. Use of technology and activities for student discovery and understanding of data organization, collection, analysis and inference.

University of California, Merced

Linear Analysis (Math 141) - Teaching Assistant and Guest Lecturer

Applied linear analysis of finite dimensional vector spaces. Review of matrix algebra, vector spaces, orthogonality, least-squares approximations, eigenvalue problems, positive definite matrices, singular value decomposition with applications in science and engineering.

Complex Analysis (Math 122) - Teaching Assistant and Guest Lecturer

Introduction to complex variables, analytic functions, contour integration and theory of residues. Mappings of the complex plane. Introduction to mathematical analysis.

​Calculus II for Physical Sciences and Engineering (Math 22) - Teaching Assistant

Analytical and numerical techniques of integration with applications, infinite sequences and series, first order ordinary differential equations.

Calculus I (Math 11) - Teaching Assistant

Introduction to differential and integral calculus of functions of one variable, including exponential, logarithmic and trigonometric functions, emphasizing conceptual understanding and applying mathematical concepts to real-world problems (approximation, optimization)

Robert F. Kennedy High School

Algebra I - High School Mathematics Teacher

Introduction to solving systems of equations, graphing, and investigating linear relationships.

California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) - High School Mathematics Teacher

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